1. Purpose of collecting personal information:

The collected personal information will be used only internally within the company. When members register their accounts on the e-commerce exchange, we will collect the following personal information: full name, email address, phone number and shipping address. The above information will be used for one or all of the following purposes:

  1. Forwarding the members’ orders to the restaurants where the members make such orders.
  2. Notifying about the goods delivery and customer support
  3. Verifying the reliability of members
  4. Sending the information of discounts, promotions if requested by the members.
  5. Providing the payment gateway with the necessary information to carry out the transaction if the members choose online payment. 

The order details of the members will be recorded by us but due to the confidentiality reasons, the member cannot request for such information from the e-commerce exchange However, the members can check their information by logging in their own accounts on the e-commerce exchange At that place, the members can fully keep track the detailed diary of their orders.

Customers must ensure that their log-in information is kept confidentially and not disclosed to any third party.

  1. The scope of information utilization

The e-commerce exchange will not trade, share or exchange the information of customers collected on the website with any other third party.

  1. Vietnam MM Company Ltd., will provide restaurants with necessary information to ship the orders directly to the hand of members. If the members choose online payment method, Vietnam MM Company Ltd. will provide a payment gateway with the necessary information to process the payment. Vietnam MM Company Ltd. will not provide the information of members to any third party. All information of transactions will be kept confidential transactions, however, in case of being required by legal authorities; we will be obliged to provide this information to the legal authorities. 
  2. After the orders are made successfully, only employees of Vietnam MM Company Ltd. and the members themselves are allowed logging in the personal information section. 
  3. The information will be recorded on the system of the e-commerce exchange and coordinated at the office of Vietnam MM Company Ltd.
  4. The members can change, view or delete their information by singing in the section “Member” or sending us an email to the email address
  1. Duration of information record

The e-commerce exchange will record the personal information provided by the members on our internal system during the process of offering services to the members or until we complete the purpose of collecting information or until the customer request to delete all their provided information.

  1. The address of the unit who collects and manages the personal information on the e-commerce exchange

The 2nd Floor, 155 Hai Ba Trung Street, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City
Telephone: 08 73050779

  1. The means and tools for the users to access and edit their personal data

The members can change, view or delete their information by singing in the section “Member” on the e-commerce exchange or sending us an email to the email address for assistance.

  1. Non-disclosure commitment of customers’ personal information

The e-commerce exchange uses some information security measures to prevent any loss, misuse and change of data in the system. All transaction information between the members and the e-commerce exchange will be kept confidential through the software Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) by encrypting all information entered by the members.

The e-commerce exchange commit not to trade, exchange or share any information which can lead to both the revelation of the members’ personal information for any commercial purpose, and the violation of the commitments set out in the privacy and confidentiality policy with respect to customer information. The e-commerce exchange will not share the information of the members except for the following cases:

  1. Upon any legal request of any government agency or when we believe that such disclosure is necessary and appropriate in order to comply with the legal requirements.
  2. To protect the e-commerce exchange and other third parties: We only disclose the account information and other personal information when we certainly believe that the disclosure of such information is legal and for the purpose of protecting the service users of the e-commerce exchange and other third parties.

In the remaining cases, we will give specific notices to the members if we have to disclose the information to any third party and such information will be only revealed upon the agreement of the members.

  1. Non-Disclosure Agreement

The e-commerce exchange is responsible for requiring the parties who process the information, participate in the contract to ensure the prevention of loss, illegal access, change, disclosure or misuse of such information.
  The e-commerce exchange have conducted an agreement with and a control mechanisms of personal information applied to the restaurant partners in order to ensure the accountability of e-commerce exchange with respect to the personal information of members through the following methods:

  • Guiding the restaurant partners about the internal policy of the e-commerce exchange
  • Contracts;
  • Requiring the restaurants to comply with the principles of the e-commerce exchange
  • Complying with relevant rules and laws;


  1. In case that the members send their complaints related to the security of member information.
    Upon receiving the information, the e-commerce exchange will quickly implement the inspection and verification. In case the fact is consistent with the complaint of the members, the e-commerce exchange will contact the members to handle the problem with the friendly and remediable spirit. If the two parties cannot get an agreement by themselves, the problem will be resolved by a competent court in Ho Chi Minh City.